Sunday, March 8, 2015

Yard Sale

Yesterday we hosted our annual yard sale. Well we did it 2 years in a row now, so it is annual I guess? We had nice weather and a great turnout. I think overall we brought in a little less than last year, but we had more smaller items this year. My parents "re-habbed" a few beaten-up pieces with some paint and patience and those items sold well. I think Z and I will keep that in mind for some small projects over the coming year, and be on the lookout for some junk that needs a little tlc. Our patio chairs we repainted and recovered last year were inquired about often by our sale visitors yesterday, as we had them out front for us to sit on. The chairs in their original form were for sale at last years yard sale and no one was interested. This year, I think 8 people asked if they were for sale!

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