Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fired Up

 I drove back to the Clay Corner Studio today to pick up Kate's mug and my bowl from our outing last weekend. They turned out great. I am excited to make more projects there in the future.

 Would make an awesome hot cider mug. (Kate, if you happen to get your mug from my clutches, and if it happens to smell like apple cider, its the glaze...)

 The bowl!

It puts the Doctor Who theme music in my head just looking at it. (If it isn't there already)

It can also hold keys!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Painting with Kate

 This past weekend, our friend Kate came to visit. Zachary was in Nashville for the weekend at a conference for work. Kate and I headed downtown to the Clay Corner Studio in Wausau.

I feel we have an inadequate place to keep our keys for the cars. I picked a peasant bowl to glaze. Seems the right size for keys.

 I chose a deep blue glaze with white specks in it.

Kate picked a mug.

 We got excited seeing a dotted/pointillism design sample in the shop, so we implemented that technique for the our designs. Kate went for a sun design.

 I went for a starry night theme, with star tendrils on the inside. In a few days once they are fired, I will pick them up to see the final results.

That evening, Kate made her famous stuffed mushrooms for dinner. Yum!


 Queequeg is one of those cats that is pretty sociable. Often inserting herself in the happenings around the house.  Any event with water, she needs a front row seat. Including the shower, unfortunately.

 Dominion box covers are perfect cleaning stations.

 Bends the no cats on the counter rule...

Damn adorable cat.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Morning

Few pictures from the other morning on my morning commute. Hmm, I need start painting again...