Sunday, August 11, 2013

Moving Begins

The master bedroom is painted now, a grey-blue color. We are leaning towards carpeting in the bedroom, but will do that after move in. We had a last minute change of heart with flooring choice, wood to carpet, and we don't want to wait for installation before moving. We can just move the furniture out when we are ready. And fully decided. :-)

We continued our living room flooring into the hallway. Stairs are left to do between the 2 rooms.

Cook top installed and tiles grouted.

We spent our first night at the house Friday night. We got the house to the point we decided it would be a alright time to start moving in. In a number of car loads over the weekend, we have moved over a bunch of kitchen stuff, some clothing, bath stuff, computers/desks, some decor, and other misc things. We are roughing it on the air mattress in the living room for the time being till we move over the furniture. We'll rent a Uhaul truck for that in a few days.

Computer area.

Today the cats joined us at the house. Besides hating the car ride, they relaxed fairly quickly in the new place.

I don't think Quee is going to let us put our printer between the computers like before.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tiles and Counter

One winter rummage sale find was put to good use this past week, for installing the kitchen back splash. The $5 tile saw is earning its keep. I think it will see future action in the bathrooms.

We love the subway tile pattern, with the plain white glazed tiles. Classy looking and easy on the budget! The pipe sticking out is for a future pot filler faucet, that sits over the place for a cooktop, also to be installed. Still need to grout the tiles. We are thinking of using white grout. Tiling so far is going well, it is the first time we have ever done it. I think we are going to add more adventures in tile in the bathrooms, it isn't as hard as it looks.
Installing the countertops was successful as well. We bought laminate sheets and glued it down ourselves. We still have to pick up a couple upper cabinets and find a wall oven to place near the sink and fridge.

And we have a working kitchen sink again. Yay!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meanwhile in the Bedroom

In between progress in the kitchen, we cleaned out the master bedroom and started a new project. Our plan in the master is to add new flooring and paint before move in (which is now less than a month...) We added another minor part to it, relocating the 2 closets to the other side of the room, into 1 large walk-in/walk-thru closet. One reason for the closet move is for a more practical arrangement for our bedroom furniture. Secondly, both of us have always wanted a walk-thru closet that would lead to a master bath. This is the first time we have a master bath in the house we live in, and moving the closet in front of the master bath made a lot of sense in this bedroom. After the big drywall project in the kitchen and living room, doing a little closet moving seems like childsplay.

The existing drywall in the bedroom is good for the most part, just needs patching from the former closet footprint and fixing a few crummy patch jobs from the previous owners. There are also old paint runs/drips on the wall we have to scrape off before we paint our color.

Oh, and the second minor additional project. No don't worry, it's just demolition! :-) Demo work is always a nasty, dusty and dirty job. The master bath is the next big project for the house, after the kitchen and living room is mostly wrapped up and functioning. We don't have the time to get the bath room rebuilt before move in, but we knew we didn't want that demo mess in our bedroom when it comes time to attack the master bath full force. So we stripped down the bathroom, removing the wall in the middle of the room and the wall around the toilet. No more dark bathroom! And that lovely concrete & stone shower surround, took Zachary 7 hours of hammering and prying to break it apart and off the wall. The second bath has the exact same shower. Maybe it will be faster the second time around? I hope...
Stop, Hammer Time.
All ready for renovation later.

Back to the bedroom.

View as you walk into the bedroom from the hallway. That wall by the door will make a neat place for a wall hanging.

New closet.

View from the bathroom doorway, looking through the closet into the bedroom.

Another house element we have always wanted, a pocket door! This the frame for it in the closet doorway.

Zachary patching the old drywall.

Just about ready for primer paint. Needs another coat of mud and finish sanding first.