Sunday, March 25, 2012


Its not everyday in small town Wisconsin when you are driving to work, the Fox News truck is parked on Main Street, taking up about 5 parking spaces.

Even though Zachary and I moved about 50 miles to the northwest a few months ago, I still work in Clintonville. The sleepy small town got national attention this past week for its mysterious booming sounds and shaking, which by weeks end it was determined it was small earthquakes. Weird. To me it sounds like the makings of a very bad sci-fi movie. Queue the dramatic monster music.

Rib Mountain

 Last Sunday our friend Kate flew over for day for a visit. Cutting a 2 hour drive down to a 45 min flight is quite convenient, plus the airport is only a 10 min drive from our house. We considered taking an aerial tour of our new home city, but the wind picked up dramatically after she arrived and didn't calm till sunset. Next time hopefully. More on that wind later.

After hanging around the house for a while, Kate and I decided to check out Rib Mountain State Park. Zachary hung back, he was tired and was busy assembling a charcoal grill we picked up. Even though Rib Mountain isn't technically a mountain, it is the second or third highest point in Wisconsin. And just a few miles from our house.

The temperature was about 78 degrees, but Granite Peak had ski runs open. Granite Peak Ski Park shares a portion of the hill. Apparently they made snow all week so they could be open for one more weekend for spring break. It was funny to see skiers and snowboarders in tshirts and shorts while I was mopping sweat from my brow.

 On top of Rib Mountain, on the 60ft observation tower.
 By this time winds were gusting 30-40 mph.

This is my heights nervous/wow its really really windy face.

 Back on the ground and in the trees away from the wind, we spied an early butterfly.
 Its unusual to have 70 degree weather in mid March in this part of Wisconsin, but the ferns were taking full advantage of it.

By the time we got back, Zachary had the grill together and had dinner just about ready. Another bonus with the early spring, early grill season. MmmMmm

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cats, again

 Yes, another cat post. Besides work and sleep lately, our cats are our source of interesting-ness. We'll do something interesting soon, maybe. :-)

Queequeg and Diogenes enjoying How to Train Your Dragon with us. This is one of those movies on our list that we watch once a month. We love it.

Monday, March 5, 2012


 Winter finally appeared a few days ago.

 About 12 inches worth.

Hurray for neighbors with a 4-wheeler and a snow blade. :-)


Diogenes doubles well as a Swiffer Dry sweeper. Swiffer Wet Jet, not so much.