Friday, September 27, 2013

Oh, you again

Hello again web people... we are alive. Inadvertently about a month and a half has past without a post unfortunately. It is not like much has happened, we've been on the move, in a few different ways. Firstly we have completely moved into the house, and gave the keys back to the landlord for the apartment. Having one housing and utilities payment again feels nice. We are still unpacking, and leaving some of it packed until we get more progress done on the house renovations. More progress on the renovations have been made, in the kitchen area mostly. Pics to come.
I made a job change end of August and had the opportunity to go back up to Wisconsin for nearly 2 weeks for a job orientation and family visit in early September. Zachary had planned to stay back in FL to hold down the fort with the cats while I would be away, but we lost Zachary's sister unexpectedly and re-arranged travel plans for both of us to travel north instead. It was crappy circumstances, but it was really good to reconnect with Zachary's family for a few days.
After a few days in IL with family, we parted ways for almost week, I went up to Wisconsin for job orientation and Zachary went to Holland, Michigan to visit good friends for a bit. While in WI, I bunked at Mom & Dad's B&B. It was nice spending time with my parents again. Zachary rejoined me the following weekend in WI. We developed an appreciation for old TV shows on the MeTV channel, like F-Troop, Perry Mason and Hogan's Heroes. We got to see some of our family and friends in WI, but didn't get to everyone. Next time.
Tunnel Park in Holland, Mi

Morning fog on the lake at my parents' house

Got to watch my niece Sydney compete at a horse fun event

By mid week, we said so long again to Wisconsin and started the drive south again. This time, we broke the drive into 2 days, with a rest in Louisville, KY at a neat riverside hotel for the night.
View from our Louisville Hotel

We made it back to PCB, 2 weeks after we left, back home to 2 very lonesome cats. The neighbor across the street checked on the cats daily for us while away, but the cats still missed us. Queequeg even meowed like songbird to us for like an hour after we got home, she rarely meows under normal circumstances.
Quee not impressed with the neighbor's Great Dane showing up on the back deck one afternoon.

Now a week later, the road weariness has worn off and settling back into a routine. Zachary is plotting his next moves with the house renovation project and I have been setting up my home office, as I will be working from home majority of the time for now. I had a blog post half written before our travels about making it to our first year in FL, discussing things we like and things we miss. I think I'll get around to finishing that soon, better late than never... (End of August was the anniversary)
So here's to more frequent posting again!
Early morning walk to the beach this morning, just to say hello again the sea.