Sunday, August 21, 2016

Paint and Tile

As always, Freyja is in the middle of any activity.

Zachary addressing Freyja

Getting a better look at things in upside down view.

Tiling is a tedious process, but Zachary gets a lot of satisfaction out of the process.

Zachary wanted to try something a little different this time on the tile edges, using metal edging verses a rounded off bull-nose tile around the outer edges.

The tile needs to be grouted and sealed next, once the tiles are hard set. Then onto the ceiling, installing the toliet, trim, door, switches/outlet, fan, mirror, shelving and towel racks. Getting there!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bathroom Progress

I am a little behind posting progress on the bathroom so here are a few pictures of the drywall, cement board and floor tiling stage. Instead of putting the full wall back on the back of the bathtub, we decided to go with a half wall instead. The doorway is narrow already and was such a pinch point to begin with. Hopefully it will feel a little less claustrophobic entering the bathroom now.

Shower and tub area. The curtain will wrap around.

Of course Freyja inspects the work at every stage. She is hard to please.

Painting, more tiling and cabinet to come.