Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Reflections

Last night we went to Defuniak Springs to take in the Christmas Lights around Lake Defuniak. So many lights! Here is a sampling, I have more posted on our Flickr.

Dismantling the Shed

With fall settling over Florida and the return to awesome 60s-70s weather, the backyard surfing shed's days were numbered. The snakes, possums and raccoon would have to find someone else's backyard to loiter in. 

Since our last dumpster the summer before, we had a growing pile of junk that was earmarked for the next dumpster as well.

We found a wide range of bugs, rotten boards and musty carpet and drywall . The other wildlife had enough advance notice to evacuate. We did salvage a bunch a good wood that we are keeping for future projects.

Gone! Our future plans here is having some sort of small patio coming off the patio doors (that leads into the master bedroom). Those patio doors are non-functioning right now, as they are sealed up until we replace the doors, since they leaked when it rained.

And the dramatic collapse in video form:

Purple Power

When it came time to stain our deck, we studied the paint samples at a few stores looking for the right color for us. We found a stain called "Merlot" that had that classic redwood stain color, but a touch of wine color to it. The sample looked nice. It would compliment a variety of siding colors when it comes time to re-side the house in a year or so.

Brought 3 cans of it home and cracked it open. Holy purple! Well, we both reasoned, it will dry darker and be a lot more muted after a day or 2...

Nope. Still full of purple pride a few days later.

Back to the store and came back with safe reliable "Walnut". Much better. :-)

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Hello again! Where did November and most of December go already? Was thinking it was time for a post this morning and was surprised to see it was since October, sure didn't feel like it! I have some catching up to do, stay tuned!