Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rummage Sale

We held a rummage sale at our house last Saturday. I don't think they call them rummage sales down here, more garage or yard sales according to Craigslist.

 The weather could not be nicer that day. Low 70s and sunny, with a mild breeze. We did most of the set up Friday afternoon so not much had to be done Saturday morning. My parents brought a bunch of items down from WI this winter for the sale and collected some more from yard sales around here this winter. Zachary and I ended up having more than we expected to sell. Zachary also made some birdhouses from the scrap cedar boards (that were on our living room walls before we remodeled)

Rummage sales down here are a little different than they are back in WI. Even though we were ready by 7 to be open, we had people showing up ready to browse beforehand. Once we were open, we did most of our sales between 7 and 10, we were swamped most of the time. By 1 pm, the crowd dwindled and so did most of our goods, so we closed up for the day. Quite nice to have just a one day sale. It was fun to meet people in our neighborhood. We also met a bunch of friendly snowbird friends of my parents. We were happy to sell most of our clutter and make a little extra money. Being so successful, we are already talking about plans of doing it again next winter.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wakulla Springs State Park

About a week ago, we went to Wakulla Springs State Park with my parents and another couple for the day. We have been here once before, when we visited Florida a few years ago on vacation. Wakulla Springs is home to one of the largest and deepest freshwater springs in the world. Both times we have visited the park in the winter and we hope to visit again when it's summer to see the changes along the river and forest.

On the guided boat tour, we were not disappointed. We viewed a wide range of ducks, birds, turtles, fish, alligators and manatees. It is amazing to see such a sanctuary for wildlife up-close. Manatees are only around in the winter here, to take advantage of the warm spring water during the winter. Alligators are not as common around the beach, but here (inland Florida), it is hard not to spot one along the river.

Here is a collection of the sights of the day:

Alligator having a staring contest with flock of vultures

Manatees, the log-like shapes under the water, chilling by the spring.

The biggest gator of the day!

 After our boat tour and lunch, Zachary and I went on a short hike in the woods in the park.

Cypress knees

Duh! Don't have to tell me twice.

Moody Blues

Ta-da! Rainstorm! Can you feel the rain on your face in the kitchen? We can, and that is okay with us!

I think our kitchen gaining an eclectic vibe to it, with the contrasting colors, finishes and styles. I am still not certain how it will tie together in the end when finished.

This kitchen is nothing like what I had in mind originally, but through the months of editing and re-editing our plan on the fly, we are enjoying this quirky second cousin of a kitchen.

We are nearing the finish line with our dear kitchen. Feels good.

  • Order and install foam ceiling tiles
  • Design, build and install backlit stained glass above cabinetry
  • Finish a couple spots of stain and polythane
  • Trim around ceiling and skylights
  • Seal backsplash
  • Find some stools for the island (the ones pictured are on-loan from the garage workbench)
  • Install pot-filler faucet over cooktop
  • Misc decorative touches

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sunday Renewal

Needing to renew our Florida State Park annual pass for 2014, we went to our local state park, St. Andrews, and went for a reviving beach walk while we were there. Felt nice to get away from the computer, sawdust and paint fumes for a couple hours.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cabinet Heartache

She thinks any open cabinet door is a portal to Narnia
What I said last post being a relief we found a stain color that matched the existing cabinets, I take it back. We found a stain that matches the color and finish to the existing very nicely, but it quickly went down hill from there.

It was a stain that had the finish mixed in with it, so you don't need a polyurethane coat afterwards. We didn't really care for that attribute, but it matched so well, we gave it a try. To match the intensity of the color to the existing, we needed to do 3-4 coats. Okay fine, that is expected. The application guide called for brush only application.

The coats begin. The first coat went on uneven and the brushstrokes were very visible. We figured it would get better with additional coats. The color evened out as the coats when on, but the brushstroke marks got more exaggerated with each application, making it rough compared to the existing cabinetry. We tried sanding between coats to smooth things out, but as soon as the next coat went on, back to square one. When sanding a section with the final amount of coats on it, after sanding, the finish was uneven. From a distance it looked alright, but up close it looked terrible. We tested going over the existing parts with stain, but it wouldn't stick and just streak. This stain didn't behave like normal stain, it had a very sticky consistency, probably due to the polyurethane already mixed.

Disgruntled with the mess we had, the primer came out. We painted a section of the cabinets with white primer and looked to each other, okay now what? We have a blank canvas in front of us. First thought was a dark brown to mimic what we had. Most likely an over-reaction to the midnight stain heartbreak, we chose an entirely different color in the kitchen. Remember my comment about the color collision in the kitchen, it could bear one more... (paint fumes and late nights can alter one's judgement)

Blue! We picked a stormy blue from the pantone book and picked up a can at Lowe's. I saw a kitchen redo a few minutes earlier in a blog that inspired the blue choice.

Cracked open the can, and painted one door and one panel. Hmmm... Maybe it will dry darker. *Waits a few hours, paints primer on rest of the cabinets.*  Examines the blue again. Crap.

After admitting to each other we don't like it, we go back to the store for another gallon of paint. Blue is still the object of our affection, but to find the right blue.  (We actually like the color itself a lot, just not there, on cabinetry. We will find use for it in a future project)

Zachary cracks open a new gallon of paint.

Rain Storm is its name, and yes, we had a rainstorm yesterday.

The panel test...

Will it be liked or won't it?? Stay tuned for the next episode of As The Paint Dries!