Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Road Trip: Mackinac

Zachary and I got back from a 6 day road trip, making a loop around Lake Michigan. Zachary's insane work schedule lately paid off with a stretch of vacation days. We started off Tuesday night after work driving north, into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, staying in St. Ignace.

Wednesday we crossed the Mackinac Bridge and explored Colonial Michilimackinac in Mackinac City. It is a reconstructed fort and trading post of colonial times. Originally created by the French, it was taken over by the British, then later destroyed and abandoned by the British during the Revolutionary War. Loving early American history, we had to see the fort.

The curators recreated the fort as it would have been under British rule, so it had the Union Jack flying high. For a couple hours, we were King George III's subjects.

The buildings were open and several reenactors around simulating daily colonial life.

Two Redcoats outside the guard house, on watch. I wanted to swipe one of their hats, but I am sure I would have been tossed in the Hole for being an unruly subject of the crown.

More pictures and adventures to come. :-)

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