Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dune Climb

 After dinner at a local pizzeria, we thought a leisurely dune climb sounded good before setting up camp for the night. The Dune Climb was pretty quiet.

Wow, this thing is steeper than it looks.

 And sandier too. :-P

Zach realizing that the top is still over there.

 Ah, there it is. The parking lot down below and the view overlooking Glen Arbor lake.

And much to our chagrin, Lake Michigan wasn't just on the other side of the crest. More like a few crests yet.

Finally, after about 1.75 miles of trudging up and down loose sand dunes.

 Zachary may have been holding me up a little more in this picture. My legs were already terse with me at this point, wait till they have to carry me all the day back across the rolling sugar sand dunes.

By the end of our hike, it was dark and my legs and I weren't speaking to each other anymore. On the walk back, I offered Z to leave me behind and just bury me in the dunes. It would be a beautiful place to be interred. :-) Needless to say, our trek back was slower than trek in. A beautiful ass kicking hike indeed.

 Since our evening dune climb lasted longer than expected, we ended up setting up camp in the dark. (I took this pic the next morning)

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