Saturday, January 29, 2011

FL: Saturday

Saturday, we headed to Wakulla Springs State Park to see some Florida wildlife. Its a favorite hangout for manatees in the winter months, as it has a large deep freshwater spring that the manatees swim up river to stay near, as it is naturally warmer water. I think we spotted close to 25 at time.

After lunch at the historic lodge at the park, we took a boat ride on the river for wildlife viewing. Our park ranger had everyone trained on the boat to yell, "Woo!" when an alligator was spotted, for fun and probably our safety too, so he wouldn't steer our boat into one. Why does it seem park rangers are always eccentric? He taught us to "Woo!" in song of course. :-)
Here are few turtles and a gator.


It was a chilly day, but sunny, so there was a lot of alligators sunning themselves.

An Anhinga bird, they perch like that after diving, to dry their feathers.

Black Vultures. We also saw many water fowl and herons, but those pics didn't turn out as well.

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