Saturday, January 29, 2011

FL: Friday

On Friday, we drove up to DeFuniak Springs, to have lunch and visit some of the historic shops and homes. I had my first Sarsaparilla too. Its pretty good, reminds me of root beer.

Heading back home to Panama City Beach, we stopped at Eden Gardens State Park in Point Washington to take in the gorgeous live oaks. It also happened to be a civil war encampment there that weekend. Didn't watch a battle, but we did get to observe a working encampment and ask questions of the reenactors.

I guess I never realized how "alive" live oaks can be. I love how the moss, ferns, and fungi share the space with the tree creating something fascinating to look at. I could stare at those trees for hours, changing every moment as the day's light moves through the branches from dawn to dusk.

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