Sunday, July 24, 2016

Demo Days

So in my last post about our leaky water pipe and no plans to renovate that bathroom in the near future... well plans changed. We are renovating it and its now the top of the master project list. At least the reason wasn't our own wandering interests this time. 

Shortly after Zachary patched up our leak, we had an home inspection with our house insurance. The pipes were still exposed at the time and the inspector just noted it as in process of renovation. Few weeks later, our insurance notified us they wanted us to submit completed renovation photos of that bathroom within 30 days. Sigh...  So we are renovating the bathroom. Its okay, needed to be done anyway.

There were many layers of wall paper to peel away to get at the drywall.

And like our master bathroom, this shower has rock cemented to the walls. Zachary's arms really love these rock walls...

We are keeping the old tub in place, it is in good shape.

Zachary has begun putting in the flooring, new drywall and cement board. More to come soon.

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