Saturday, June 25, 2016

Leaky Pipe

Shortly after we got back from our 3 week trip up north in Wisconsin in May, the beginning of June presented us with a damp mystery. The door way floor boards between the second bedroom and hallway were starting to bubble up.

After investigating the roof, attic and duct work, we were no closer to finding the water source. The padding under the flooring was sopping wet. Noticing the baseboard in the bedroom was damp too, we turned our attention to the second bathroom. The second bathroom is the only room completely untouched by our renovations so far, as we were leaving it for after we get other projects completed. (And also not doing any demolition in there until we need to rent a dumpster again, probably when replacement windows/siding is underway). Our master bathroom renovations is 98% complete, so we have been using that bathroom primarily and not using the second bathroom much anymore

Zachary noticed it was damp under the sink at the wall in the vanity. Since it is planned to be gutted eventually, he tore out the sink and vanity to get at the pipes.

Sure enough, there was a hairline crack in a water line, it was misting ever so slightly, slowly making that wall wet. We had the water shut off while we were away the month before, so who knows when the pipe started leaking. Then while repairing the bad joint, another started leaking. Zachary patched up both and no more leaking! This would have been a bigger mess if this occurred on a finished wall without easy access.

So the second bathroom is half out of commission now, missing a sink. We aren't going to try to put the old vanity back in, it was in rough shape to begin with and we rarely use that bathroom now anyway.

Good news, the 3 damaged floor boards in the hallway are in a convenient spot to remove and replace with new boards, as we have a extra box of that flooring hanging around. Whew!

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