Sunday, July 26, 2015


When we got home from our trip last Sunday, the yard and lawn was looking a little shaggy, but not too terrible. Our creek bed and banks had exploded in growth and was a couple feet high in places. 

We have been battling overgrowth in the creek since we lived here and this spring we decided to keep the banks around the creek where it is narrow mowed. When we got back from our trip, we were on the fence about letting it grow and try again next winter or attempt to reclaim our progress. Today we decided to try to take it back again.

We got a good foothold again. We have some more to do to get it back where it was earlier this summer, but that will be our project this week.

I have had a growing urge to do some painting again for some while, so today I actually broke out my watercolors and did 2 quick studies of lavender and black-eyed susans. Watercolor is a tricky medium and I have some practice to do, but I did enjoy myself. I need to let my artistic side out more. I haven't touched watercolors since college.

I am not too happy with the black-eyed susans, I think I rushed the color layering and didn't let it dry enough in between. I like the lavender blossoms though, the stems were more of an after thought.

Posted on the gallery wall of the fridge.

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Amanda said...

Your paintings look great!!