Thursday, January 19, 2012

Painting with Kate

 This past weekend, our friend Kate came to visit. Zachary was in Nashville for the weekend at a conference for work. Kate and I headed downtown to the Clay Corner Studio in Wausau.

I feel we have an inadequate place to keep our keys for the cars. I picked a peasant bowl to glaze. Seems the right size for keys.

 I chose a deep blue glaze with white specks in it.

Kate picked a mug.

 We got excited seeing a dotted/pointillism design sample in the shop, so we implemented that technique for the our designs. Kate went for a sun design.

 I went for a starry night theme, with star tendrils on the inside. In a few days once they are fired, I will pick them up to see the final results.

That evening, Kate made her famous stuffed mushrooms for dinner. Yum!

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