Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Places

In my relative blog silence, a lot has changed for us in the last 6 weeks. In the end of September, Zachary's promotion went into full effect and started managing his own store. 60 miles away to the west. That new change spurred on a housing search for us to relocate somewhere in the greater Wausau area. After about a month of commuting for Z, we found a nice place on the east side in Weston that will be convenient for Zachary and easy highway access for me to get to my job. I still have my same job, just a longer commute now.

Let me just say, moving sucks. We started moving about 2 weeks ago and about 90% of our belongings are here now. Hopefully this week, the rest will get here. One fun fact for me, being nearly 30, its officially the first time I truly moved. College doesn't really count and when Zachary and I got married, my parents moved out of the house, not me. In the moving process I found a lot of "gems" we/I forgot we even had. I may make a blog post soon highlighting some of the fun finds once everything is here and sorted through.

So this new location starts a new chapter for us. The Wausau area has a lot to explore and we are looking forward to it. Lots of hiking/biking trails, rivers, natural areas, dining, and more. We haven't spent much time here in the past, so for a while, every outing will be adventure. (Woohoo, I made it to Target and back and didn't get lost) Id like to think my blogging will be more fruitful now with things settling down again. We'll see :-)

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