Monday, August 15, 2011

Hike and more

Wow, its been a month since I have last posted. It seems like not much has been going on to a lot going on in the last few weeks for us.

First bit of news is we have a new pet. Well, a new housemate (in case he reads this) :-) Our nephew Zach asked if he could move in with us for a while. He just started a new job in the area and wanted somewhere to stay around here while he figures out a more permanent living solution. Kinda funny to have 2 Zachs in the house now. He has been with us a week now and all moved in for the most part.

During the prep cleaning and organizing for the move in, Zachary (my Z) got a promotion unexpectedly. He has been an assistant manager at an automotive supply and now he is a manager. He won't be the manager at the store he is at currently, but will be placed at a different store in the coming months. We are pretty excited for this new opportunity. This may result in some bigger decisions for us down the road once we find out which store he will go to, depending on the location.

With Zachary's new added responsibilities, came another addition to the household. A Nissan Sentra. We have been an one car household since we have been married, avoiding the added expense as long as we could. While we dairy farmed it wasn't really an issue with having a farm truck on the farm. And since our post-farming days, we have managed car sharing since we work in the same town.

But now Zachary will be working a lot of odd hours, special assignments, and training before he gets his own store in a few months. So it was time for a second car.

(Pictures from a hike we did this past Sunday at the Navarino Wildlife Area)

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