Monday, April 13, 2015

Closet and Trim

Besides building a tea box, Zachary has been circling back on a few unfinished projects. Our hallway has been lacking trim since we moved in. Again using up the reclaimed cedar from the old carsiding, he milled baseboard, crown molding and door casings for the hallway.

After staining, he gave it 4 coats of polyurethane for a nice hard finish.

While working in the hallway, it was time to deal with the neglected hall closet. This was the last colset in the house to have that annoying wire shelving. The hall closet is the hub for the house's internet, media and sound system. While we don't have all the electronics in place, we needed a clean breathable space for them. The second part of the closet needs to function as a closet, storing cleaning supplies, cat food and the vacuum.

The closet ceiling is also the access to the attic.

So Zachary patched the screw holes and painted the closet to match the hallway. The top 2 shelves will serve the home electronics. The pull out cabinets and bottom shelf is for storage.

He rebuilt the ceiling access to the attic in cedar, so it is not as crummy looking as before.

Zachary built the cabinet and pull out drawers out of the cedar as well.

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