Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cat Circles

We noticed recently that Cat Circle Traps were all over Twitter and the internet, so we decided to set a trap in our house to test.

Internet Cat
According to the legend, cats are irresistibly drawn to circles and will want to sit in one. So we taped a circle to our kitchen floor and left it there for 36 hours to see if we would observe Diogenes or Freyja inside the circle.

36 hours later, we did not see either of them sitting inside the circle while we were watching. Maybe our circle was too pentagon-y to be irresistible to cats?


Liz Clark said...

LOL cats are too smart to get trapped in circles or conned into eating food laced with worming tablets. Great post hope you guys are well.

Lot of love from the Mad lot in NorthlandNZ

Zachary and Jennifer said...

So true Liz!

Amanda said... isn't a circle. That might be your problem.