Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rummage Sale

We held a rummage sale at our house last Saturday. I don't think they call them rummage sales down here, more garage or yard sales according to Craigslist.

 The weather could not be nicer that day. Low 70s and sunny, with a mild breeze. We did most of the set up Friday afternoon so not much had to be done Saturday morning. My parents brought a bunch of items down from WI this winter for the sale and collected some more from yard sales around here this winter. Zachary and I ended up having more than we expected to sell. Zachary also made some birdhouses from the scrap cedar boards (that were on our living room walls before we remodeled)

Rummage sales down here are a little different than they are back in WI. Even though we were ready by 7 to be open, we had people showing up ready to browse beforehand. Once we were open, we did most of our sales between 7 and 10, we were swamped most of the time. By 1 pm, the crowd dwindled and so did most of our goods, so we closed up for the day. Quite nice to have just a one day sale. It was fun to meet people in our neighborhood. We also met a bunch of friendly snowbird friends of my parents. We were happy to sell most of our clutter and make a little extra money. Being so successful, we are already talking about plans of doing it again next winter.


Kate said...

Now I see why you chose that house: the driveway looks like it is perfectly made for rummage sales. The truth comes out.

Stobber said...

Looking good, I am still in the blogging world, but it has been a while. I am starting to update my blog again. Just stopping in to say hello, looks like your location has changed as ours has. Good stuff.