Saturday, April 13, 2013


Another bike ride to St. Andrews State Park this morning and I went photo-happy with the camera. I couldn't help it, too many things to document. My camera had 77 pictures from my ride. It was my first time riding there in the morning. I don't know if it was because it was morning or luck, but I had a lot more wildlife encounters than normal. And pretty close at times.

I'll bring you some peanuts next time.
This squirrel stalked me along the boardwalk a bit. I think she was looking for a treat.

I found where many herons and egrets roost in the mornings, in a marsh in the center of the park. There were a couple dozen of them out there.

 While I was admiring the herons and egrets at the lookout point, this young heron came up behind me.

And got really close to me, until I moved too much trying to get a better shot and he flew off.

 Deer along the road. Florida deer are so much smaller than deer in Wisconsin.

 Pelicans at one of the fishing piers.

You looking at me?

Perfect viewing distance
My first alligator sighting! Hadn't seen one since we moved here last fall. We saw a few on our FL vacation in 2011 at Wakulla Springs State Park, but not since we moved here. 

 I think these are coots.

I liked this picture, for one, the plant is really neat. Secondly, the white sand looks like snow.

Unidentified shadow beast

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