Sunday, July 15, 2012

Early Morning Balloons

 Saturday morning we were up by 5 and drove out to the Wausau Airport to take in the hot air balloons. This weekend was the annual Wausau Balloon Rally and Glow. In the morning and the evening they launch the hot air balloons, when the wind is most cooperative. We decided to try the early Saturday morning event, figured it would be more peaceful with less people around. And it was.

 The weather started off pretty nice but by 7, the winds picked up a little and a patch of rain was heading towards the airport. They ended only getting up 2 1/2 balloons before they put them away for the incoming rain. They would have had more up, but weather was being weather.

 Once inflated, they allowed the spectators get close and ask questions.

I think I would like to go on a hot air balloon ride one day.