Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunday Drive

Sunday came upon us as a blank page. One of those uncommon days were neither
of us had to work, had no plans, and the lawn was already mowed for the
week. Our favorite kind of day. Longing for a few hours of different sights,
we drove to Door Peninsula.

One of the best things about Sunday drives is perusing the public radio
stations while driving. To the Best of Our Knowledge entertained us with a
hour on the afterlife. (Anybody else enamored with Jim Fleming's voice as
much as I am?) That was followed with This American Life, with a
segment about Wisconsin's attempt to tear itself apart politically of recent
months was an interesting find. Funny to hear a national take on local
politics. And with recent news of allegedly one WI supreme court justice
putting another WI supreme court justice in a choke-hold... No wonder our
state is getting some attention.

Once reaching the heart of the peninsula, we had lunch at the Chef's Hat in
Ephraim. It is one of our favorite places to eat in Door County. They have a
wonderful menu, but I have yet to stray from my choice dish there, asparagus
quesadilla and salad with dill dressing.

Afterwards we resorted to our pastime of roaming a few marinas. Zachary's
love of sailboats draw us every time. Either admiring the ones in harbor or
watching the ones under sail, often lead our conversations to wistful dreams
and goals for someday. There is something about water with Zachary and I
that gets us thinking on a larger scale, bigger picture, forgetting about
our mundane jobs and chores for awhile. And while on a park bench over
looking the water, we get that re-centering that we need. A good day indeed.

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