Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something smells rotten

Zachary and I had some people come over to our house last night. They wanted
to talk to both of us, but vague about what exactly, promising not to take
up too much of our time. Being nice and just curious what it would be about,
we agreed to sit down with them. We figured it would either be A: pushing
some sort of religious message, or B: try to sell us something. As soon as a
worksheet came out on the table, we knew it was B, an elaborate pyramid
scam, I mean an exciting business opportunity...

We politely listened and were amused how scams like these play on the hopes
and dreams of people, ignoring the products and commitments they try to
saddle you with. The whole meeting was positive, keeping the focus on what
our dreams and desires of life and how we can have that by just going to a
couple meetings. They kept reminding us we can travel the world, have that
luxury car, own that dream house by a few hours of work a week. Funny thing
is they never told us what exactly we would be doing and selling. Those
details aren't important at this time. (things like personal investment and
responsibility, you know, minor things) That would be discussed later...
Before leaving, they wanted us to go to a special meeting to learn more the
next night with fellow teammates. I thought we were off the hook, as Z had
to work that night, but they tried talking me into coming with them without
Z to it. Uh, no. They left us with audio CDs and a book to listen to and
read. Soon as they left the yard, a simple Google search confirmed our
suspicions. Classic pyramid. This one in particular involves health juice. I
can see how easy people can get swept up into these deals, sinking time and
money into these plans and getting into debt and never reaching a higher
place on the pyramid. Even if you did move up on the pyramid, the pressure
and manipulation of people under you in the pyramid raises some
uncomfortable ethics.

Needless to say, it was an entertaining 45 minutes. It was fun to see these
tactics in play, but not being wrapped up in them. One thing they did, that
we read about online later, is excessive eye contact with the wife when a
couple is hearing the sales pitch. I noticed right away that the guy looked
at me most of the time while explaining how nice it would be to be rich.
Because us silly females are more gullible and fall into the plan faster
than males, so after they leave, the convinced wife talks the husband into

Plus Diogenes was an unruly host, as he kept jumping on the table we were
sitting at and startling our guests. He is a rather large cat and knows it.
Apparently he smelled the BS too. :-)

Good kitty.

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Julie said...

Oh! Was it Monavie or Xango?! We know people that sell both! We just don't understand how people get sucked in! Loved the post, can certainly relate!