Monday, February 28, 2011


Zachary and I made a difficult decision and decided to re-home our cat Trillian. We got Trillian and Diogenes last fall from Zach’s sister when her newborn was having allergy problems with the cats. After a few weeks they adjusted to us and our home. We were always worried about our original cat, Queequeg, and her reaction to other cats, even before Diogenes and Trillian arrived. Besides the occasional scuffle, everyone seemed to be living tolerant of each other. But in the past 4 weeks, Quee and Trillian were getting in more serious fights and aggressive towards each other everyday. I have no idea why the animosity with those 2 increased. Being woke up at 3am with a cat fight under our bed a couple times a week was getting old. We were both worried about their well being and safety, especially since Quee still has her claws and Trillian does not.

So after hearing that Zachary’s boss’s family was looking for adult cat, we decided this would be the best for her and Quee. We are sad to give her up, as she is a sweet cat and very affectionate. I know she will thrive somewhere else were she doesn’t have to live under a combative environment. We will still get to see her when we visit too. We aren’t too worried about splitting up Trillian and Diogenes, as they didn’t spend much time together at all at our house. Diogenes is a very independent cat and does his own thing. Quee and Diogenes get along pretty well and don’t mind being in the same room. We wished it worked out with the three of them, but glad Trillian is a loving single cat home and not at a shelter.


Mad Bush Farm said...

Sorry you had to make that decision Jennifer. Well I'm sure Trillion will rule the roost where she goes.At least now you won't have growly kitteh fights on the bed anymore. We sent Ocean off because she was getting out all of the time. Just two cows left now and we're quite happy with that number

feets2 said...

monster, you gave my cat a stupid name then you gave her AWAY!!! however I will still clam you as my brother. Thank you for finding her a good home. love ya....tanna